Rugrats Holiday Celebration


If you or anyone in your family is a fan of the Rugrats, then this is a collection you definitely need in your home this holiday season!!

The episodes included in this collection cover Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and are incredibly heart warming and wonderful!

The Halloween disc in this collection includes:

  • “Curse of the Wereruff”
  • “Ghost Story”
  • “Aunt Marian”
  • “Sleep Trouble”
  • “Spike’s Night Scare”

The Turkey and Mistletoe disc in this collection includes:

  • “The Turkey Who Came to Dinner”
  • “A Rugrat’s Kwanzaa”
  • “The Santa Experience”
  • “Chanukah”


Year: 1991
Company: Nickelodeon
Rating: NR


Elizabeth Daily
Christine Cavanaugh
Nancy Cartwright
Michael Bell
Melanie Chartoff



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