Max & Ruby – A Merry Bunny Christmas


Max & Ruby is a show produced by Nick Jr. which follows the lives and friendships of two bunnies.

This collection features several episodes, including those that are specifically Christmas or holiday related, and all are simple, pleasant, and entertaining for young children.

Episodes included in this collection are:

  • Grandma’s Present
  • Max and Ruby’s Christmas Tree
  • Max’s Snow Plow
  • Max’s Snow Day
  • Max’s Snow Bunny
  • Max’s Mix-Up
  • Max’s Fireflies
  • Max and Ruby’s Fashion Show
  • Ruby’s Sing Along
  • Ruby’s Puppet Show
  • Sugar Plum Max
  • Max’s Ant Farm


Year: 2002
Company: Nickelodeon
Rating: NR


Samantha Morton
Billy Rosemberg
Cameron Ansell
Julie Lemieux



Dora the Explorer Christmas Wallpaper
Dora Decorating a Christmas Tree for the Holidays

Nickelodeon Christmas Wallpapers

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