Walter & Tandoori’s Xmas


This is a special Christmas story from Walter and Tandoori, something sure to be delightful for anyone who enjoys their antics.

In Walter & Tandoori’s Xmas, it’s Christmas time!

However, this year, it’s just before Christmas in Hart’s Landing, and all is not well! There is a dark shadow threatening the tiny town’s holiday spirit.

A wealthy businessman wants to build a huge department store in the middle of the village – what is sure to be a giant eyesore, taking away from the beauty of the village.

Nothing seems to be able to stop him!

Now, Walter and Tandoori have to find a way to save the spirit of Christmas, in any way possible.

Check out this Christmas special for a cute, and heart warming story of how Walter and Tandoori have to fight their way through to restore the peace and harmony of the village before Christmas.


Russell Peters

Sonja Ball

Rick Jones

Philip Le Maistre



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